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We seek to listen, empathize, offer perspective and empower our clients so they can live their life with more understanding and joy.
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At Grapevine Psychology, we are here to help you with challenges that are holding you back from living the life want and deserve. Explore our different areas of focus and learn how working with a professional can help you on your journey.

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Grapevine Psychology is a community of therapists who hold a shared mission for providing evidence-based mental health services.  We offer accessible mental health care, accepting many insurance plans in the area, and we strive to be a prime source of reliable information about psychological health.

Meghan Cromie
Licensed Professional Counselor
Dr. Chris Slack
Licensed Psychologist
DeLisa Deutsch Perry
Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor & Certified Eating Disorder Specialist
Dr. Kari Leavell
Licensed Psychologist + Owner
Meredith Whitley
Office Manager
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Information For New Clients

View information for new clients including fees, policies, insurance for each of our providers.

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Information For New Clients

View information for new clients including fees, policies, insurance for each of our providers.

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Our Services

Individual Therapy

Therapy is different from talking to a close friend or family member; it offers an objective view of your life from those that have a personal interest in the things you do because it often affects them in some way (friends, family, coworkers, etc.).  The more clearly you can understand your world and circumstances, the healthier the decisions you can make, and the greater life satisfaction you stand to gain.

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Treatment for Anxiety & Phobia

Treatment for anxiety and phobias includes cognitive-behavioral therapy and exposure therapy, which are well-established, highly effective, and lasting treatments that focus on identifying, understanding, and changing thinking and behavior patterns that maintain anxiety.

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Grief Therapy

Grief describes the emotional experience after any kind of loss: a loved one, a possession, an opportunity, an idea, or hope.  Therapy for grief creates space to mourn the loss without having to hide your emotions or take care of anyone else, and learn how to live with a changed reality.

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Depression Treatment

Depression is a treatable illness, and therapy can help you regain a healthy perspective about your life and re-engage activities you enjoy.  Therapy also helps people understand and work through troubled relationships that may contribute to depressive symptoms.

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Treatment for PTSD

Healing from trauma can include building skills for understanding the effects of trauma on the brain, developing awareness of the lived impact of trauma, learning healthy coping skills for managing trauma-based reactions to daily life, and creating an empowered way to understand your experience of trauma.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is an evidenced-based treatment, which means that it has research to back-up its effectiveness. It works by teaching clients about the relationship between their thoughts, feelings, and actions. Then, skills are provided to identify, examine, and change unfair and biased thoughts. This ultimately helps to transform resulting emotions and behaviors.

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LGBT Affirming Approach

Individuals identifying as LGBT+ may present to therapy for concerns such as identity development, coming-out, or discrimination.  However, if you seek therapy for any mental health issue, therapists at Grapevine Psychology will not assume that it is due to your identity.  We look forward to treating your concerns without assumption, bias, or stigma.

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